Sick of matching jewels? Match healthy fruit instead!

Super Befruited is a fun and addictive match-three game featuring fruits with bonus multiplying butterflies and wasps. Match 3 or more fruits to progress and increase your score. Trigger multiple matches from a single move to progress through the levels quicker.

  • Super Befruited is Open Feint enabled.
  • 2 game modes:
    • timed with a limited time per move and
    • relaxed for some very long games.
  • Match multiples in a single move to get higher scores and progress through levels faster.
  • Reach bonus levels for extra butterflies and wasps for huge score increases!
  • Create a match using the same fruit as the previous match for a multiplied score.
  • Submit your high scores with Open Feint and see how good you are!
  • Get Feint Score points for achievements!
  • Simple interface!
    • Buttons on the game screen:
      • Tap || for pause and menu.
      • Tap ? for hints (Beware! Your score will reduce!).
      • Tap your score to see the scorecard.
      • Tap and drag lines match fruits.
    • Buttons on the menu screen:
      • Tap ? for help / how to.
      • Tap email icon on menu page to send feedback.
      • Tap speaker icon to toggle sound effects.
      • Tap continue to continue a previous unfinished game.
      • Tap relaxed to start a new un-timed game.
      • Tap timed to start a new timed game.

Some scoring strategies:

  • To get a butterfly multiplier put a butterfly between matching fruits.
  • You can use wasps to replace blank spots with fruits, this is the only way to get rid of blank spots. To use a wasp to clear an area put it between matching fruits.
  • Limit your use of the hint button. The first match following hints is deducted from your score 10 times! After hints try to use a low value match.
  • Try to create as many matches as possible with a single move. Not only do you get bonus points for each additional match in a "chain" but you also progress through the levels quicker!

What's the difference between Super Befruited and Befruited?

  • Super Befruited is for iPad only and Befruited is for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Super Befruited has a larger playing grid than Befruited.
  • Wasps in Super Befruited clear straight lines instead of the surrounding diamond pattern in Befruited.
  • Super Befruited achievements are different to the achievements in Befruited.
  • Super Befruited awards extra bonus points for using wasps and using butterflies.

For more information about Befruited for iPhone and iPod Touch see this page.