Minesweeper Boom! is a fun minesweeper game with 13 board sizes and 6 bomb levels, with quick access buttons to play the 3 classic Minesweeper boards of Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. View and graph your stats and share them on Facebook.

Find all safe areas in a mine field, without touching any bombs. Suspected bomb locations can be flagged and are safe to touch while flagged. If you do touch a bomb, then it's game over and try again!

  • Play in any orientation.
  • A first-touch will never reveal a bomb!
  • Use the double tap to reveal option to avoid accidental reveals.
  • Press and hold to flag suspected bomb locations (now with shorter time option).
  • Your friends play Boom! too? You can publish your wins with screenshots to your Facebook wall for the world to see.
  • Don't like hearing a particular sound? Disable it! You can enable and disable individual sound effects.
  • Game preferences, states and statistics and current game in progress are saved on exit and restored on game start.
  • Statistics of the games played are saved. For each board size and difficulty level the wins, losses and best times (with 3bv for that time) are kept and displayed in Boom!'s statistics screen.
  • Graphs of your game times and difficulties can be viewed and uploaded to Facebook.

When you tap on a square that is empty then all empty squares up-to and including the first border of numbered squares will be revealed. If you tap on a square and it shows a number then only that square will be revealed.

Boom! is constantly being updated to make the game better and more fun! We are currently planning more exciting social/Facebook/Twitter features and some UI additions for future updates.

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Become a fan on the Boom! Facebook page
Follow Boom! on Twitter:
Let us know what you think!


How to play

The game is played by selecting covered tiles and then picking other safe tiles to reveal by looking at the bomb numbers indicated on the revealed tiles.

Arrows on the edge of the game board mean there are more cells in that direction that you can scroll/drag to.

The interface

The cog takes you to the settings, help, Facebook and statistics screens.

Starts a new game, loses the current game if there is a game in progress, only visible when a game is finished.

When a game has finished this button will upload a screenshot to Facebook, only visible when a game is finished.

Toggles between flag mode and play mode. During flag mode all covered cells turn green and you can then either remove a flag or set a flag. When a flag has been set you can touch that cell safely. In addition to using flag mode to set flags you can also use hold-to-flag mode (set in settings screen).

Shows how many seconds you've been playing the current game.

Shows how many flags you've used. You can use as many flags as there are bombs.


Tile Descriptions

A covered tile, could hide a bomb!

An uncovered tile with no neighbouring bombs.

Uncovered tiles indicating the number of neighbouring bombs.

An uncovered tile that contains a bomb

A tile that has been flagged as a suspected bomb

A tile that has been flagged as a suspected bomb during flag mode

A covered tile during flag mode